9808 T

BEST   ✶✶✶✶✶

9808 T    $256.00 each +$175.00 core deposit each

Toyota Steel
Toyota Grade Plastic Outer CV Boot
OEM Toyota Neoprene Inner Boot
Closest to OEM Toyota
Same Right and Left; One (1) single axle

Description – 9808 T

The Best axle for NO LIFT Trucks – Stock axle angles
Closest to OEM axle. 

Toyota OEM Steel
Quality Remanufactured by CVJ
Toyota Grade Plastic Outer CV Boot
Toyota OEM Neoprene Inner CV Boot

Ready to install – fully assembled and complete.
Axle nuts and differential seals are not included.
These axles will ship within 2-3 business days.


Better than part store axles or internet axles! These are original Toyota or Lexus axles that have been completely remanufactured by CVJ using the best aftermarket parts available. You get factory original Toyota/Lexus steel and design where it counts at a much better price than new factory Toyota/Lexus with CVJ reliability. More info below.

The deposit or additional fee for the axle that is refunded when you return your acceptable used OEM axle (the core).

  • Only the same factory original equipment Toyota/Lexus used axle can be accepted (NO AFTERMARKET AXLES).
  • The core must be rebuildable (most are) and have all the parts.
  • Cores should be returned within 30 days for full refund.
  • Link: More about CORES

Shipping   shipping and handling varies by zip code (see in cart). The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, including core return

  • We can also provide a return shipping label for returning your cores (this will increase your cost by the same dollar amount as shipping to you).
    • Please request this in the comments on your order or by email.
    • We will charge your card the additional amount.
    • The shipper will email you the label or link.
    • Make sure your cores are the same original Toyota/Lexus axles.
  • Warranty – When used for off road or in lifted/modified trucks, there is no warranty.

If you have an issue, contact us, we will help to resolve it.

Questions?  – please email us or call.


  • ALL BOOTS – running at higher angles will decrease the life of any boot (as well as the axle’s internal components).
  • Outer = wheel side
  • Inner = differential side
  • Lift = total combined lift from lift kits, shocks, spacers, adjustments, etc.

Toyota/Lexus Grade Plastic OUTER Boot     Closest to Original Toyota/Lexus – BEST

  • Outer boot is same quality as factory original Toyota/Lexus thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
    • Tougher, more abrasion and chemical resistance
    • Great for environments with salt, mag chloride, ozone, extreme weather, etc.
    • Outer boot is installed with special tools using Oetiker brand clamps for maximum sealing performance
    • 5-10+ year life expectancy
  • Inner boot is factory original Toyota/Lexus neoprene
    • 5-10 year life expectancy

CVJ properly and completely remanufactures Original Toyota and Lexus axles

  • We start with Original Equipment Toyota/Lexus Axle.
  • Stronger than new Chinese aftermarket axles.
  • Engineered much better than new Chinese aftermarket axles.
  • CVJ reliability – we do it properly – every axle is completely:
    • Disassembled
    • Cleaned & inspected
    • Out of tolerance parts are replaced
    • Parts are painted
    • New chrome steel balls replace old ones
    • American made high moly grease is used
    • New boots are installed
    • Stainless steel clamps on boots are pneumatically tensioned
    • Dust shields are included
    • Differential clip is checked
    • Splines are chased and tested
    • Threads are chased and tested
    • Your axle is packaged to arrive without damage

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Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 in