Environment Friendly

CVJ Axles and the Environment

By recommending and/or using quality remanufactured CVJ parts:

  • You Save Energy. Much less energy is used to remanufacture vs. making new
  • You Reduce your Carbon Footprint
    • Fewer hydrocarbons are releases since less energy is used to remanufacture vs. new
    • Remanufacturing greatly reduces the carbon footprint of all the processes:
      • Smelting of the steel
      • Forging of the steel
      • Heat treating
      • Machining and grinding
      • Cleaning
  • You Reduce the Landfill Waste
    • The old axle does not go to the landfill – most of parts get remanufactured and thus re-used
    • The replaced steel parts get shipped off to be recycled into lower grades of steel
    • CVJ has worked for 22 years to minimize it’s waste streams and emissions
      • CVJ uses almost exclusively aqueous cleaning processes
      • CVJ produces NO hazardous wastes!
      • CVJ has the spent oil sent off to be recycled
  • You get a part that will likely last longer than new aftermarket axles
    • Original Manufacturer Designed parts vs. reverse (sometimes poorly) engineered parts
    • Better grades of steel
    • Better heat treat
    • Better greases
    • Better boots
    • Better workmanship
    • Better cataloging
Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly