CVJ Axles Office Building

About CVJ Axles

CVJ Axles Inc. began in 1986 in Denver, Colorado with the purpose of filling the need for quality remanufactured Front Wheel Drive CV axles in the Denver area. As a result of CVJ’s high quality and friendly service, we have expanded both geographically and in product lines over the years. We have been careful not to grow too fast so as not to give up quality or service.

Roush Racing and SCCA Enterprises selected CVJ to manufacturer all of the SCCA Ford Spec Racer CV axles since 1993 (that comes to over 1400 new race car axles so far). Various national and regional distributors have chosen CVJ’s remanufactured Mercedes Benz parts because of the higher quality. These parts include racks and over 2000 rear CV axles.

The highest quality, broad coverage, accurate catalogs, fair prices, technical support, and in house engineering are some of the reasons our customers keep coming back. CVJ offers what you need to do the job right and satisfy your customer. While other automotive parts manufacturers and rebuilders have come and gone, CVJ Axles has been going strong since 1986 thanks to our loyal customers.