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RACKS & PINION – In the 1990s Mercedes Benz began using power steering racks & pinions. You can order by OE number or application. We stock most popular racks. See RACK & PINION for more information.

AXLES – We remanufacture front and rear CV axles for Mercedes Benz from 1967 to 2007. We stock all of the popular Mercedes Benz CV axles and can remanufacture most others for fast shipping.

CVJ Axles only remanufactures Original Mercedes Benz CV axles.

  • The Original Mercedes Benz CV axles are stronger and fit better than all the new Chinese aftermarket CV axles.
  • There have been a number of recalls and very many premature failures with these new Chinese CV axles.

To ensure you a Quality MB CV axle:

  • Replace the crimped sheet metal boot cans on Weiss joints with new hydraulically sealed cans
  • All other joints are sealed with RTV or the sheet metal is pressed onto new o-rings as appropriate
  • Straighten bars to a standard twice as accurate as the industry
Mercedes Benz Rack
Mercedes Benz Rack

How CVJ remanufactures the early “can style” Mercedes Benz CV axles:

  • We completely disassemble and clean the CV axle and inspect all the components for wear and damage. Any excessively worn parts (anything beyond minor wear) or damaged parts are replaced or repaired.
  • We measure the shafts for straightness and straighten to half of the industry standard tolerance – 0.010″ TIR instead of .020″ (this insures a vibration free CV axle).
  • The seal surfaces are polished and threads inspected and chased.
  • Each component in the joint is matched (for proper tolerance) and each joint is also tested for proper, smooth operation without radial play when assembled.
  • We use new chrome steel balls.
  • The sheet metal housing is replaced with a new zinc-chromate plated one which is hydraulically crimped into place (for a leak free joint).
  • We use a specially formulated CV high temp and extreme pressure moly grease (Mercedes switched from oil to moly grease on the next generation of CV axles).
  • We use new top quality neoprene boots and gaskets. The boots are clamped with stainless steel band using a pneumatic tool to assure a proper seal.

CVJ NEVER “over sizes” or “re-grinds” the housing and mating race (some rebuilders grind out .020″ or more and use .020″ larger balls). This process grinds through the surface heat treat, weakens the joint and often changes the critical internal geometry.

CVJ warrants most Mercedes Benz parts to be free from remanufacture defects for a period three years.

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