Mercedes Smog Pumps by CVJ Axles, Inc.

SMOGS PUMPS – Our smog pumps are completely remanufactured.

To ensure you a Quality Smog Pump:

  • Replace all bearings with only the highest quality available
  • Housings are checked for dents, straightened and re-coated where needed to maintain pressure and avoid noise
  • No spliced wires; if they are worn, they are replaced
  • Clean filters used
  • Every smog pump is tested for airflow and noise levels to be within our strict requirements

MECHANICAL – 1968 to 1995

  • Stock all the popular Air Injection Smog Pumps
  • Pulley tested for trueness
  • Zinc chromate plates the pulleys
  • All vane carbons are replaced
Mercedes Benz Smog Pump


  • Stock all of the popular Electric Smog Pumps
  • Test all electrical components
  • Repair or Replace bad electrical components
Mercedes Benz Smog Pump

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